Fall Semester concluded.  Spring Dates to be announced.


Back to Basics is an eight week series that covers the basic ideas and practices that lead to being a confident follower of Jesus.


Who should attend?

  • People new to the parish in the last two years or who are experiencing a new energy for their spiritual growth.
  • People who joined Saint Stephen’s in 2007-2012 who have bought into our vision of worship and mission and now are ready to develop their skills and confidence in their faith.
  • The “Legacy Congregation” (here before my tenure) whose vision and commitment brought me here to lead us into the future as a Transformational Congregation and who want to be part of the unfolding vision of St Stephen’s.
  • Parish Leaders who want to deepen their understanding and skills to serve our parish more effectively as we move forward.
  • Guests who want to jump-start their growth in faith and to learn whether St. Stephen’s is the community of worship and mission where they can find spiritual growth and fulfillment.


Has anyone done this before?

We graduated our first class of twelve in the spring. The class included new and prospective members, long term members and parish leaders. Amazingly enough, everyone who started completed the series (except one who had to delay completion to this series because of previous commitments.)


How do I sign up and what does it cost?

The course is free. Please let me know by return email (or text to 610-996-0657) if you’re coming so I can have materials ready for you. If you want to participate but can’t start this week, please let me know so we can save your space and get you caught up for next week’s session.


Back to Basics Course Content:
Over the eight weeks you will learn…

  • Week 1, How to Pray with confidence. Learn how to form your daily thoughts and questions into prayers. Learn how to make your own prayers more effective and how to support the prayers of others with confidence.
  • Week 2, How God reveals God’s nature in creation: “Before there was a before, God created….” Why? What is God showing us in creation, nature and science?
  • Week 3, Who God is and how to understand the relationship between God the Father, Jesus and God the Holy Spirit; how God relates to humans, the role of God’s Church and God’s saints.
  • Week 4, “It all starts with Jesus…” What is the problem Jesus came to solve and how does Jesus transform our lives?
  • Week 5, “Let’s Walk with Jesus…” How the Sunday Eucharist reproduces Jesus’ activities on that first Easter. How do we pray the Eucharist as an experience of Jesus walking us forward in life.
  • Week 6, The Bible; what is the Bible and how does it speak into our lives in the 21st Century.
  • Week 7, You are Gifted! How God made you to be God’s special gift to the world.
  • Week 8, Next Steps. Given what you have learned, how to pick the next steps that will keep you growing in your faith.


Class Times

Classes at both Monday Evening and Saturday Morning sessions are a tight 90 minutes. There is a 15 minute “Gather Period” for people to arrive, catch up with each other and start on time. The class will end promptly followed by no more than 30 minutes for people who want to hang around, ask questions and get to know each other better.

How to Register:

Email michaelknight@sstephen.org to register now

Fr. Michael Knight

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

610-461-0490 Ofc.