St. Stephen’s Preschool is accepting students for the 2017-2018 school year. If you know of a parent who is looking for a preschool, please have them contact JoAnn Leake:





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About Our Preschool

Our children will be taught by capable hands and loving hearts. Under the leadership of our teachers, Barbara Moore and JoAnn Leake, and attending aides. We will provide responsible and trustworthy guidance for your child. As important, we hope to make a long and lasting relationship with all our preschool families.

Children ages 3-5 are welcome. There are five programs, 2-Day (AM/PM or Full day), 3-Day (AM/PM or Full Day), 4-Day (AM/PM or Full Day), 5-Day (AM/PM or Full Day). AM sessions are 9:00-11:30 AM, PM sessions are 12:00-2:30 PM. Full day sessions are 9AM-2:30PM.


Advanced planning leads to a successful school year. You are welcome to visit and observe as St. Stephen’s has an “open door” policy. If interested in enrollment please contact the director at 610-237-1043, Monday-Friday.

Registration forms are available upon request.

Our goal at St. Stephen’s Preschool is the creation of a loving atmosphere similar to that of a child’s home. Training and skills that are initiated at home are continued and reinforced here.

Our attitude toward teaching subjects such as basic math and reading is a very natural one. We believe that any pressure of the children into these areas, before they are ready for the experience, may actually destroy their desire to learn and could produce frustration.

We feel that reading to the children, answering their questions and promoting curiosity will be the best stimulus for learning. If a child does appear ready for more specific help, we will work with him/her during free time, It is our aim to make learning fun, not a chore.

We teach about the community, with emphasis placed on the community helpers such as the police and firemen. The basic goal in this area is to point out what is available in the community and to show the children how these facilities can be used. It helps the children to realize that they belong to a larger unit than their own family.

It is our desire to provide a caring environment for each child, and give them the tools they will need for their future.


Each month we will be talking about God’s love in a different way. Our program is Christian oriented with ecumenical teachings. During our circle time we will be counting, reviewing shapes, colors, sizes, letters and numbers. We will also be teaching the days of the week, seasons of the year and weather. All of our academics are presented in a relaxed manner-in many instances in the form of learning games. We do not pressure the students as we truly feel learning should be fun!
UNIT STUDIES- I – Concept of Self – “God made me special”
II – Foods – “Thank you God for food”
(Pilgrims Feast)
III – Christmas – “Thank you God for Baby Jesus”
IV – Community Helpers – Police, Nurse,etc.
V – Dinosaurs
VI – My Family
VII – I Am Growing
VIII – Outer Space
IX – Animals
X – Summer Safety
It is our hope to become your second family, by networking each day our school family meets. We will laugh together when a child says something funny & worry together when our little ones are ill. We find that many times lasting friendships, with both children and parents, begin in preschool. We want to make your child’s first school experience a memorable and happy one.

We accept special needs students on a case-by-case basis. Children must have intact “IEP” services before acceptance, so student needs are addressed and support services guaranteed.

At. St. Stephen’s you are welcome to visit and observe a working class, as we have an “open door” policy. To schedule a visit or for registration information please contact our Director, JoAnn Leake, at 610-237-1043. Registration forms are available upon request.