Our Focus:  The Youth Training Internship (YTI) program provides our youth the opportunity to develop leadership skills and increase their bible knowledge. Preparing, practicing, presenting and reporting on their assignments are all included in the experience!


How does the Youth Training Internship (YTI) Program work?

1- Sign Up for YTI Assignment – See Michelle Brown for assignment opportunities.

2- Practice YTI Assignment – Practice activity with Michelle Brown or another adult prior to assigned Sunday and review results.

3- Teach YTI Assignment – Conduct activity with Sunday School attendees on assigned Sunday.

4- Post YTI Assessment – Conduct post activity assessment with Sunday School attendees and share results with YTI Presenter.

5 – YTI Summary – Youth Intern shares experience with congregation during announcements and sends written summary to Nikki Scalessa to add to website.


Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.
Michelle Brown – midebr321@gmail.com or 610-534-4530