What to expect… You’re invited!


Can I come to your church?

You are absolutely invited to Saint Stephen’s. We hope you will be our guest as soon as you are able to do so.

If I come, is there any obligation?

Of course not; you are our guest! You are invited to participate as fully or as little as you feel comfortable. We will invite you back and we hope you will have the kind of experience that will make you want to return.

What should I wear?

Come dressy or casual, as you prefer.

How do I get there?

We are at 128 Chester Pike at the intersection with Cleveland Ave in Norwood. Most people enter through the Cleveland Avenue parking lot door.

Our way of worship…

Saint Stephen’s worship is loosely modeled on how Jesus spent that first Easter Day of Resurrection.

  • We gather in Jesus’ name.
  • We hear the Scriptures read and applied.
  • We pray for ourselves and for others.
  • We reach out in friendship to each other.
  • We offer ourselves and our lives to be one with Jesus.
  • We experience the presence of Jesus in Holy Communion.
  • We receive a blessing and go back into the world around us.

At 10 AM we add:

  • Music to help lift our hearts and minds.
  • A Children’s Message.
  • Children go to Sunday School during the Adult Message.
  • Refreshments and conversation in the Parish Hall after the service.

There is a lay-led service of prayer and meditation at 7PM most Wednesday evenings.

At all services, we use present day language from the Bible and for our prayers.


“Your worship is like the First-Century Church!”

Bishop Rodney Michel at his October 2012 Visitation

“I love the Children’s Messages. They are so clear and simple and the kids are so eager.”

“I’ve been listening to sermons for over 30 years and this is only the second time I’ve heard one on this tough issue.”

“The Messages are so full of good stuff that I take notes so I don’t miss anything.”

“There are so many children [at 10AM] and they’re all an important part of the service.”

“I never expected church could be fun like this!”

“When I came here, people seemed genuinely glad to see me. They came up and introduced themselves.”

“When I came the first time, I realized I’d “come home.’”